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Roll to Read

Each year I love seeing all the different reading challenges available! For 2023 I decided I would make my own! Below I’ve attached the challenge both with and without instructions.

Ultimately this becomes each readers challenge. You’re welcome to interpret and make changes necessary to fit your reading life! I included one example of that in the instructions but every prompt can be interpreted to fit your reading needs.

Also you can start this challenge whenever! When making it I intended it to be a Jan-Dec 2023 challenge…. But y’all do you! 😜


7 responses to “Roll to Read”

  1. Can you clarify how to move through the board? Should you add the numbers together? Or use them to create a 2-digit number? If so, how do you access numbers 67+? Or, do you play more like a board game and roll and then move x number of spaces?

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    • It works like a board game! Let’s say you roll a 5 and a 2 the first time, you can read for prompt seven and if you want a harder challenge you could read prompt 5 and 7 or 2 and 7 (each dice equaling a prompt rather than the total). Then next time you roll you move from prompt 7 to the next prompt based on that roll.


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